Our MISSION is to assist 2000 Blak and Brown families with having their affairs in order by way of Wills, Living Wills and Health Care Proxies.


The PURPOSE is to have more families grieving as they see fit in peace instead of chaos; more families staying together instead of being torn apart.


As a result of our Community Dialogues, Will Parties and Family Dinners, we are shifting the narrative and presenting an alternative image in order to change the statistics.




● Because you don't want the aftermath of your death to be full of turmoil


● Because you still want to have a voice after your death


● Because you have children under the age of 18


● Because you don't want your assets going to the State


● Because should you end up on life support, you would want your Loved Ones to be clear AND have it in writing as to what YOU want done. 


● Because although it's a subject matter many of us don't like to think about - that doesn't stop it from  happening


● Because IT MATTERS!


Contrary to popular programming, this type of conversation is less about death and more about LIVING Responsibly!

It Matters 

Will a WILL 100% ensure that EVERYthing will flow smoothly? We aren't saying that at all. What we are saying is that having one can benefit your Loves Ones, oppose to not having one at all.


The conversations just aren't happening enough.


If you are interested in conducting a Responsibility Tea Party and/or Family Dinner, please contact us TODAY.

Thanks! Message sent.