Assisting people with living a synchronized life within their

360 of Self.

~REprogramming, it's a process .......

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About Sheneese Starr

Who is Sheneese Starr? No-one truly knows; a BEing who is forever transforming and still figuring this shyt out.

Sheneese Starr, coined as the 'AwarenessPreneur' by some, the 'Life Activist' by others and the 'ReProgrammer' by many, is a Woman who simply chooses to BE. A Woman who believes that Self is the nucleus hence that is where she applies a good majority of her focus. Operating under the premise that: "Everything is merely an extension of Self"; every brand, event, program, product or service attached to Sheneese Starr is something she LIVES. Sheneese Starr is dedicated to improving the world by assisting with the reprogramming and development of the most important community there is - the community of Self!


Sheneese Starr is the Founder and CEO of 'Celebrate Thy Brother', 'The In Your Face Movement', 'IWIN....The Business of Woman', 'The Posture Up Academy', 'The Aftermath', 'The BlaQue Woman's Club', 'The Deliberate Manifestation Program' and 'Figure Your Finances'. She is also the Founder and Host of ' Bury. Burn. Build'; the Series 'Let's Get & Be Better Together' and 'The Power Within Sex'. She is also Co- Creator of #2000Lives, 'The Pain of a BlaQue Woman...Still I Stand' and is the Author of 'PERCEPTIONS'. Sheneese Starr is a Communicator, Connector, Writer, Deliberate Life Designer, Event Planner, Conference Producer, Interior Sanctuary Inner-G Designer, Faith/Energy Shifter and Personal Development Consultant - which forms S. Starr Enterprise and The Reprogramming Institute. 

"My focus is merely to assist people with raising their levels of awareness on a 360 level by way of public & private events, products and services. I then engage with those who have a willingness and 'do' energy to progress forward with living a synchronized life within THEIR 360. Ultimately my goal is to assist people with TRULY defining THEIR truth as they develop and harness the courage to live that truth unapologetically...uninterrupted! I assist people with identifying, accepting, deprogramming and then reprogramming." 

Sheneese Starr's past and current projects and collaborations consist of: The 'Speak Truth, Live Truth, Be Truth' Conference, 'Celebrate Thy Brother' Celebration, The Hill Harper Teen Awareness Event, 'Unlock Your Dreams' Conference ,The 'Total Woman' Workshop, The Sledge Group, Adam Clayton Powell Public School 153 workshop on 'Self Esteem for Teens', Gorja RCC Marketing Firm, New York Community Court, Blissful Elegance Diva for a Day, The Walk 2 Washington (from NY to Washington D.C for Prison Awareness), 'The Pain of a BlaQue Woman... Still I Stand' Conference. Through events, Sheneeese Starr has worked with: Juelz Santana, Cheryl 'Salt' Wray, Dr. Traci Lynn, Beverly Bond (Founder of Black Girls Rock), A'leila Bundles (Madam CJ Walker's great great granddaughter ), Sister Shahrazad Ali, Maria Davis, Dominic Carter (News Reporter & Political Commentator), Nicole Bell Paultre, Tami Roman, Tanisha Thomas & Trent Shelton.

Features & Interviews: Rolling Out Magazine 2006, 2007 & 2011, POC Magazine, C&B Books Distribution, Bronx Times Newspaper, Jasqare Magazine, I AM Royalty Spotlight, Legal Shield's Profiles of Success, AOL Black Voices, African American Reports, Harlem Radio, Socially Speaking Radio, Sisters Taking Ownership Radio, Divas in the City Spotlight, Sistah Chat, Sistah Talk, People - Places and Things Radio

"I am not here to help people, I am merely here to assist people as they help themselves" Sheneese Starr​


S. Starr Enterprise

P.O. BOX 286980

New York, New York 10128

Phone: 646-598-Self



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