Give Your Child the Quality Afterschool

Care He or She Deserves 


Homework shouldn’t get in the way of having quality family time with your children. And you, as a parent, shouldn’t have to feel like you need to learn your child’s lessons yourself in order to help them succeed. 


At After 3, we make sure that every child in our program receives individual support with their homework and preparing for their next assignments. Our staff of highly trained educators is committed to giving your child the help he or she needs. And we maintain a 1:7 teacher to student ratio.


We believe that giving students the personal attention they need to complete their homework each day is essential.  By supporting students to finish their homework, we make sure they are actually learning the lessons they were taught in class. We also identify where they may be struggling, and create a plan of action to help them.


Each day when you pick your child up, you’ll be given feedback on how they are doing and suggestions on the best ways to support them.    


Our goal is to create a 3-way partnership with parents and school administrators to assure the success of each child. We hold regular meetings with school administrators to assess each student’s progress. And we invite you to engage in an ongoing conversation with us to make sure your child receives the care and attention they need.


We’d love to explore with you the opportunity to give your child this extra support. Please contact us to discuss the program and ask any questions you may have.


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